Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wine Anyone?

Day one began earlier then I would have liked, but turned into a wonderful day. With overweight luggage in tow our first flight was very smooth without any turbulence. The second was bumpier but went off without a hitch, landing us safely in Philadelphia. After waiting for the Lady Liberty to pick us up from the airport, we headed to the hotel where I (being the only girl) got my own room.

With only a short meal between flights we got ready to go to dinner. We took the subway through the city to reach a wonderful restaurant. I was surprised as how much like Muni the subway was. The subway was much dirtier then BART but much quieter, traveling only underground.

Once we reached the restaurant I was in awe of the amazing decor. The room was beautiful, done up the way one would expect the set of a period piece movie would be. Fittingly, we were all dressed nicely and ready for an amazing feast.

First the adults ordered drinks. Mickey, our waiter, brought Mr. Ramsey’s first and then reached over my head to hand Ms. Kronenberg hers. However, the drink never made it there. Instead the contents of the wine glass were spilled on both Mr. Miranda and me. From that moment on my hair and dress smelled of alcohol. Soon after a woman by the name of Molly assured me that she would dry clean my dress and offered to assist me with anything else I wanted. It turns out getting spilled on makes people want to be very helpful.

Wine spillage aside meal was absolutely delicious.

After an epic meal we piled into two cabs. Exhausted from the day of travel the subway seemed like too much work. There is no better way to see the city than from a cab. The muni-like subway was a wonderful experience, but the underground view could not compare with the city lights out the car window. I like Philly already and I haven’t been here more then six hours.

I look foreward to explorations of both UPenn and Princeton tomorrow. I anticipate loving at least one of the two amazing instructions I will have the privilege of seeing.

I can’t wait for the trip to really take off. With trains and tours it’s sure to be an amazing ride.


  1. Marisol,

    Sorry about your misadventures with the wine.

    One of the reasons that restaurants like to do the right thing is partly because it REALLY is the right thing to do. If the restaurant staff was responsible for the spill, then by all means they need to step up and take care of repairing the damage.

    The second reason, though, in these days of Yelp and other online sites where potential customers might read about the pros and cons of an establishments, the restaurant surely doesn’t want people reading that they screwed up and then tried to pass off their responsibility on the aggrieved party. Just your blog has alerted people that this restaurant did the right thing.

  2. Good grief, somebody shut up this Gosney guy. What a freakazoid.