Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Dartmouth Magic Fun Bus: Where Dreams and Ideas Come True

Today the four students and Mrs. Kronenberg took a trip to Dartmouth College up in New Hampshire.

Morning: The ride to Dartmouth took about 3 hours so we woke up at 7 AM to prepare to leave. Because we are all Starbucks fans we stopped by one about 30 minutes out of Yale where I had maybe my fifth Starbucks coffee. The Dartmouth ride was 3 hours so we had a lot to talk about.

Dartmouth: We arrived at Dartmouth at about 11 so we had about one hour before the campus tour. We first stopped at the bookstore where Brandon bought several books and then walked to the admissions office. An interesting thing about the admissions office was that it was closed so there was no information session. Dartmouth is in the city of Hanover which is classified as rural. However, the city of Hanover is very good city where it doesn’t have the certain feel of rural which makes the college much more appealing to urban people. The campus tour was about 1.5 hours in an unusually big group. The college of Dartmouth has a very beautiful campus. A unique aspect of this college in respect to the others is that Greek life is an essential part of it which is certainly a good thing. After the tour we had an opportunity to have lunch with a former PVHS student and Dartmouth Alumnus Peter Chau and our current admissions officer Ariel Xue.

Ride Back: After Dartmouth we had another 3 hour ride back. An interesting thing about the ride was that Connor, Marisol, and Brandon fell asleep but not all at the same time more like one at a time. Being the good friends we are all now we took pictures of each other sleeping. I was an exception because I did not fall asleep. During the ride we shared our aspirations and goals for later and life and realized more than we thought we can do.

Dinner: We arrived back at Yale at approximately one hour before dinner. At dinner we had the fortune of meeting to Brown Alumni that are somewhat local to the New Haven area. All of us had a wonderful chat with them about Brown and anything in general.

Tomorrow is the big day and I am totally excited about it. I am looking forward to the program and will end my blogging here.

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