Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Day! (Philly)

Today was the first day of the ILC trip. 

It all started out meeting at El Cerrito High at 4:30 AM in the freezing cold. But the plane rides generally went well -- thankfully no delays like the Cornell group. There was an interesting thing about the plane ride though. On the way to Chicago, we saw a person that looked just like Jason Sudeikis from SNL. We arrived in Philly around 4:30 local time which was about on schedule. 

One thing instantly noticeable different in the East Coast than the West Coast is the weather. Philadelphia seems to actually have seasons in contrast to the Bay Area. Dinner at a steakhouse called Butcher and Singer where the waiter accidentally spilled some wine on Mr. Miranda and Marisol and the waiter looked shaky the rest of the night. Other than that the food was exceptional.

Tomorrow will be tours at UPenn and Princeton. I have attended tours for these two schools before but that was six years ago when college looked way far off so I didn't pay much attention to the tours back then. But six years later new questions have been thought of for the tour guides and the admissions people in general. I am also looking forward to see the campuses. At night there will be a formal dinner the ILC people will have with the Northern California admissions officer of UPenn.


  1. Henry,

    I’m disappointed in the way you all seemed to be shivering this morning before getting on the airport shuttle. You’re all pretty be right people, Henry, so surely you can understand that this is all a state of mind.

    While you all were shivering away while being dressed in your fleece and jackets, you may have noticed that I was wearing my usual shorts, sandals and an aloha shirt but did you see me shivering?

    The reason I wasn’t shivering was because in my mind I was already on the beach. You were in the cold and breezy El Cerrito weather and I was on the beach. Yes, it’s a metaphysical thing but with a little practice you can learn this trick, too.

    While it served me this morning, the same tricks could easily serve you during these next couple of weeks. The northeast is going through a humid heat spell right now but with the proper training your mind can train your body into thinking you’re in the frigid Arctic regions.

    No time to train you now but maybe later we can do this.

  2. Hey Gosney Dude, you're a freak. Your writing is a little to weirdly stalkerish. Ugh.