Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yalie Wannabe

Hello All,

My name is Brandon Amargo and I'm a junior at Middle College High School. I'm so excited to be a part of the Yale Ivy League Scholars cohort and to have the opportunity to experience a university over the summer that is so rich in tradition and prestige. I'm so impressed to hear that FIVE American presidents graduated from Yale University! Maybe I'll add on to that list some day...I guess it's good to set high goals for myself, but I think I should concentrate on completing this summer program first! I'm sure that this program will certainly benefit and guide me in my future political ambitions and goals. I remind myself daily of how fortunate I am to be going on this enlightening and academic journey. See you Thursday at La Folie, fellow Yalies. More blogging to come...


Brandon Amargo

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  1. Glad that you are part of the program. You will learn that the Ivy League Connection is a program that requires a lot of attention to detail. This program is unlike any other, but provides you the chance to grow and develop your full potential.

    No one believed that the Ivy League Connection would expand and develop into this comprehensive program, however it has not just grown it has been one that has created new opportunities for students throughout the district.

    Continue to share your views and continue to grow with us. We want you to become fully versed in our culture and our willingness to challenge students to do their very best.

    Take care.

    Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
    School Board Member
    West Contra Costa
    Unified School District