Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spreading The News

Sometimes I still can't believe that I will be going to Yale this summer. I wake up in the morning and it suddenly hits me while I'm brushing my teeth. I'm representing my school and my district at an Ivy League school! Yale!

My family is ecstatic as well. My grandma is 81 years old, five feet tall, and has a heavy accent. We told her that I was going to Yale this summer for a two week program, and now she tells anyone who will listen: neighbors, her gardeners, and even telemarketers. My mom caught her bragging to a cashier at a grocery store.

"You know my grandson is going to Yale?" She said loudly. Everyone within earshot turned to politely congratulate her.

My mom stepped in. "It's just for two weeks, for the summer program." she corrected.

Grandma shot her a look. "So?"

This is exactly how I feel about this opportunity. The chance to go to Yale for any length of time is an achievement in itself. For two weeks, I'll be living on campus and learning with bright young people from all over the world. I'm being sponsored by my district. If I lived in the next county, I wouldn't have had this opportunity. Thanks to the Ivy League Connection, however, I'm going, and my grandma can keep on spreading the news.


  1. Connor,

    Tell your Grandma to keep on crowing and spreading the word.

    When you take a course at a university it's usually for maybe 4-5 hours per week for an 18 week semester. That's maybe 90 hours of course work.

    For this course you'll be attending classes for maybe 12 hours per day for 14 days for 168 hours of course work.

    By my count that’s close to a full year’s worth of hours in a two week span.

    And remind your mother that this isn’t the Underwater Basketweaving class offered by the local junior college. This is Yale level work.

    Advise her that when you return from this two week course you’ll come home either hanging your head at having been whupped or you’ll be standing a full foot taller at being much more of a man than when you left. I’m betting the latter.

    Yeah, Connor, your Grandma has it right.

  2. I can't stop laughing. Connor, you have me in tears. Great post. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

    Take care.

    Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
    School Board Member
    West Contra Costa
    Unified School District